Location, location, location

If you think Balaplace is going to attempt some clever lede incorporating the once-clever now utterly mundane line of mysterious origin (we can trace the lineage to at least to the 1989 Cheers episode “A Bar is Born”) about the important factors in opening a business, you’re nuts.

So let’s talk location in regard to establishing a B&B inn.

Of vital importance to would-be B&B owner/operators in North America is not necessarily where in Canada or the U.S. the inn is located, but rather the sort of environment. Whereas quality B&B’s can be found throughout the ’States and in every Canadian province, the city/country divide will certainly have an effect on profit and continued health of the business. The following is how one industry study of 2015 broke down the numbers; it really is this simple.

• 43% of B&B’s are located in a village;

• 29% are in the rural countryside;

• 23% are in cities; and

• just 5% are situated in suburbs/edge city areas.

Let’s put it this way just for starters, then: Any given B&B’s chances for success are significantly higher when doing business in townships of 10,000 or fewer.

Beyond this, we can get more specific and tout the below-listed locales as great spots to set up a B&B with the best chances of prolonged successful business. Keep in mind this is no “top five” list or any such, merely an enumeration of a few outstanding spots for B&B’s.

Niagara – On both sides of Niagara Falls, B&B’s do brisk business, are a major part of an ever-popular tourist area’s industry and each nation’s B&B industry as a whole. New York is home to more B&B’s than any other US state, while Ontario is the easy leader among the provinces at a whopping 300 such inns. Niagara B&B’s generally consistently do well more than either country’s national average for six months per year.

British Columbia – Around 225 or so B&B’s/inns dot British Columbia nicely; the generosity of BC B&B’s geographic distribution are the incredibly low prices findable almost anywhere here – particularly for this most expensive province of Canada. Outstanding deals to be found throughout the Vancouver area, Vancouver Island and everywhere else.

St. Augustine, Florida – Sure, the beaches outside St. Augustine are fantastic, but this alone cannot explain the outstanding proclivity of B&B’s in this Florida burg. The industry here is healthy enough to create real arguments among those looking to compile a “Top 10 B&B’s in St. Augustine,” but a few that are typically name-dropped include the St. Francis Inn (established in 1791!), the Kenwood Inn, Pearl of the Sea Luxury Bed and Breakfast, Penny Farthing Inn, and the Victorian House (located within a stone’s throw of the beach, i.e. just about the most anti-Victorian location imaginable).

California – Naturally the big, brash state makes its presence felt in the area of B&B’s as well. Napa Valley is one of America’s breeding grounds for both tourism and B&B’s, but throughout the state are B&B’s of all sorts to be found. California B&B’s run the gamut from Napa’s traditional-style places to the Victorian-style Chateau Tivoli located smackdab in the middle of San Francisco.

Great Britain and the U.K. – No, there’s no real way to narrow down the homeland of the proper B&B, as it seems one must try valiantly indeed *not* to succeed in the U.K. To cite just one recent example, Trip Advisor, in its assessment of the world’s B&B’s for 2015, awarded British B&B’s with the no. 1 overall ranking (Millgate B&B in North Yorkshire), four of the top 10, and nine of the top 25 spots overall. The UK B&B industry, according to 2016 statistics, was valued at just over £2 billion, with UK B&B’s totaling over 50 million guest-nights annually.

Bonus Hotspots and nightlife fun

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