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Ask anyone in the B&B biz, and many will tell you it’s hard work with a lot of dedication. You often don’t have financial means to hire a full time staff (unless it’s a family run B&B), and even at that- customers are as finicky as they get. Our creative crew is a collaborative group of seasoned professionals who’ve worked both in the hotel and B&B industries. Let’s introduce them all to you!

Emily Whitehouse- Managing editor

Previously worked in online marketing on Facebook for several B&B networking sites. I introduce you to the inside industry and share some real horror stories along the way. My goal is to give those who are interested in starting their own B&B as more well-rounded idea what it takes to go into business.

Alicia Noble- Lead Writer

6 years with Emily also working through Facebook creating write-ups and articles for various B&B owners. Before we began a whole new direction, I’m glad to join the group as lead writer. I hope that my views on the traditional B&B’s give you a clearer idea what it takes to open a Bed and Breakfast.

Samuel Pearce- Special reviews/contributing writer

Having worked with Holiday Inn as the night shift manager, I can tell you I’m glad to start off with a position that doesn’t require dealing with grumpy guests. Now I opened a B&B with my Grandmother right off Cape Cod. I can tell you that my special reviews are written with style and care for B&B guests.

Phoebe Forster- ‘How to’ advice contributor/writer

Contributed articles to Buzzfeed and LADbible which highlighted various B&B’s that stand-out for being unique. Oddly they all went belly-up but you can still find a couple of the videos. I love to offer my personal views on how to make your B&B better and ways to advertise that don’t cost you a bunch of money!


In order to better our website, we encourage your input to point out anything that might have been left aside. The Bed and Breakfast Industry is typically a tight niche and those of us who have weathered the storm will no doubt have more than enough interesting stories. Feel free to tell us yours or simply let us know what you think of us.

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